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Online Chiropractic CE Courses

​​Nutritional Pearls for a Toxic World

Online CE Course Details

​These On-Demand (Online) CE hours are pre-recorded and can be viewed online at any time (24/7).

Any unused hours can be saved for the next CE cycle.

(PACE Approval Number for On-Demand Courses: # 8031)

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​​​​​​​​​​​​Iowa Board Rules for Chiropractic Continuing Education

Iowa Chiropractic Board rules require the completion of 40 total CE hours by June 30, 2022.

At least 20 of those CE hours must be earned by attending a live (in-person) seminar.

The remaining 20 CE hours may be obtained via online coursework, including webinars.

A minimum of 2 hours, out of the 40 total CE hours, must pertain to professional boundaries regarding ethical issues related to professional conduct.

Additionally, 1 hour out of the 40 total CE hours must pertain to administrative rules related to chiropractic physicians in Iowa and & the statutory provisions specific to the practice of chiropractic in Iowa.​

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