Chiropractic Board continuing education requirements are subject to change without notice.

Mandatory continuing education topics are required by certain state Chiropractic Boards to fulfill CE requirements.

Licensees are responsible for verifying all current state Chiropractic Board's CE requirements.

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Does the Montana Chiropractic Board allow online CE hours?

Yes! Specific rules for online chiropractic CE hours can be quite different for each Chiropractic Licensing Board.

For example, some states have mandated that all required continuing education courses must be attended in-person at a live seminar event. Other states have rules that allow chiropractors to take all of their required CE hours with webinars or online classes that are self-paced and on-demand.

The vast majority of Chiropractic Boards allow a mix of in-person seminars and online chiro credit. follows the strict online continuing education guidelines of state Chiropractic Boards, and as such, the online video courses cannot be skipped or fast-forwarded. There is a 5 question test/quiz at the end of each online course.​

Each video is organized into seminar "chapters" that can also be used as stopping points if you don't have time to watch that particular 60-minute video in one sitting. Your progress will be saved each time you view a video chapter.

You will not be required to start the entire video over if you need to turn your computer off before the end of the video. You will be able to start right back up at the video chapter you were watching when you closed out of your web browser.

Each pre-recorded video course is time-based and counts as 1 CE hour. All of these online courses are accessible 24/7. Slide samples of many of the video courses can be viewed here. 

​Will your Chiropractic Board accept these online hours?

The Montana Chiropratic Boards accepts CE courses from PACE approved providers. Online courses found on are sponsored by the Texas Chiropractic Association, which is a PACE approved provider.​

CE hours earned on will count for full credit towards your distance learning continuing education requirements for many states. You will receive your CE certificate from the Texas Chiropractic Association.​

Chiropractic online seminar courses on are organized to meet state Chiropractic Board licensing requirements for distance learning, but state board requirements are subject to change without notice. For additional information and to learn more about seminar requirements, please review your state board's current continuing education rules. 

Does your state require specific mandatory CE topics?

Many states require a certain number of mandatory continuing ed coursework, so please contact us if you have any questions about required topics such as risk management, ethics, documentation, X-ray, CPR, coding and administrative rules related to the chiropractic profession.

The Montana Chiropractic Board requires 4 hours of additional CE in Ethics and Boundaries are required every four years starting in 2017 with a random audit in 2021.

No more than 2 Hours in Philosophy or Practice management are allowed per year

Requirements can very greatly across the country, so please review your state board's licensing rules on mandatory CE topics. Specific board rules can often be found on each state's website under the "Continuing Education" tab, however, it is often helpful to check the board website's "News" page for the latest rule updates and changes.​

Montana Online Chiropractic CE seminars internet continuing education hours for chiro credits courses

CE certificates are provided by the Texas Chiropractic Association, which is a PACE approved CE provider

Montana Online Chiropractic CE Links

Montana Sample online chiropractic CE seminar hours for chiro credits on DC courses

12 hours per year 
(12 hours can be taken online)

Montana Online CE Bundles

  • Montana: 5 Hour Online Chiropractic CE Bundle #1 for $50

  • Montana: 10 Hour Online Chiropractic CE Bundle #2 for $90
  • Montana: 10 Hour Online Chiropractic CE Bundle #3 for $90

  • Montana: 10 Hour Online Chiropractic CE Bundle #4 for $90

Montana Online Chiropractic Continuing Education Seminars

Online hours earned on are accepted for full CE credit by the Montana Chiropractic Board

Montana Chiropractic CE Requirements

For additional information and available online course bundles, log on to

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Montana Online CE Chiropractic DC Courses internet on demand chiro seminar hours for continuing education ceu credits

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Montana Chiropractic Continuing Education Seminar Board Rules

Montana Chiropractic Board rules require the completion of 13 total CE hours per year.

All 13 CE hours may be obtained via online coursework such as on-demand courses. These continuing ed classes are organized to help towards your online chiro credit hours.