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​​​​​​​​Seminar Topics:

Nutritional Stress

● Nutritional Support: Comprehensive Gut Microbiome Research

● Clinical Nutrition Studies to Support Friendly Gut Bacteria

● Surprising Foods That Triger IBS & Other GI Complaints 

● Body Weight Basics, Obesity & Vitamin Deficiencies 

Chemical Stress
● Potentially Harmful Chemicals Hiding In Plain Sight

● Probiotics: Varieties, Functions, Viability & Health Effects
● Ingredients In Foods & Beverages That Can Damage Health

● Research On Cancer, Inflammation & Common Health Conditions

Physical Stress

● Diagnostic Imaging Case Studies & Clinical Research

● TMJ, Tension Headaches, Ergonomics

Strain (Only required in certain states)
● Muscle Pain (Extremities): Rotator Cuff, Knees, Feet, etc.

Ethics & Rules (Only required in certain states)
● Record Keeping

● Documentation

● Ethics
● Risk Management

​● Coding

in Alabama, Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana,

Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington

Sponsored in Texas by the Texas Chiropractic Association  (TCA) 

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​​Stress & Strain: Nutritional Pearls for a Toxic World

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