Live Webinars are similar to On-Demand courses because they can be viewed on any device with an internet connection.

The difference is that live webinars are not pre-recorded and are scheduled for specific dates and times.

As soon as you register for a live webinar, we will email you the login link. Simply click on the link to view the webinar when it is live.

No one will be able to see or hear you during the webinar, but you will be able to watch the presentation from home or on the go.

You can also switch back and forth between devices throughout the day, as needed.

​The On-Demand hours are accessible 24/7 and can be taken at your own pace.

Seminar Registration Steps

Step 1: Select your desired CE hours

Step 2: Type in your desired webinar date

​Step 3: Click "Add to Cart" for payment steps​​

Webinar Schedule (8 CE Hours for Each Date)

September 12, 2020 (7 am - 3 pm Pacific)

September 26, 2020 (7 am - 3 pm Pacific)

October 10, 2020 (7 am - 3 pm Pacific)

October 17, 2020 (7 am - 3 pm Pacific)

​November 14, 2020 (7 am - 3 pm Pacific)

November 21, 2020 (7 am - 3 pm Pacific)

​December 12, 2020 (7 am - 3 pm Pacific)

​December 19, 2020 (7 am - 3 pm Pacific)

January 16 , 2021 (7 am - 3 pm Pacific)

February 20, 2021 (7 am - 3 pm Pacific) 

​March 13, 2021 (7 am - 3 pm Pacific) 

April 10, 2021 (7 am - 3 pm Pacific) 

Oregon Online CE Chiropractic DC Courses internet on demand chiro seminar hours for continuing education ceu credits

A 100% full refund will be provided if you are unable to attend the webinar for any reason.

Oregon CE Seminars
Type Desired Webinar Date

Webinar Format

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​​Nutritional Pearls for a Toxic World

You will get FREE access to 12 On-Demand CE Hours when you register for any of the 8 CE Hour webinar dates.​

All 12 CE Hours are accepted for 2021 Oregon Chiropractic continuing education credit.