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Board Rules for Online Chiropractic Continuing Education

Chiropractic Boards across the United States all require each licensed DC to earn continuing education credits. However, the specific rules for online CE hours can be quite different for each Chiropractic Licensing Board.

For example, some states have mandated that all required chiropractic continuing education courses must be attended in-person at a live seminar event. Other states have rules that allow chiropractors to take all of their required CE hours with live webinars or online classes that are self-paced and on-demand.

The vast majority of Chiropractic Boards allow a mix of in-person seminars and online chiro credit hours. Additionally, many states require a certain number of mandatory continuing ed coursework such as risk management, ethics, documentation, coding and administrative rules related to the chiropractic profession.

Chiropractic Board requirements are subject to change, so for additional information and to learn more about online chiropractic CE seminar rules, please review the continuing education Rules and FAQ pages on this website. Chiropractic online seminar courses on DCcourses.com are organized to meet state Chiropractic Board requirements for distance learning.

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